Tornado damaged home, business on Fishburn Mountain Road

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FRANKLIN CO., Va. (WDBJ7) Earl and Doug Worley saw the funnel cloud as it passed through their property.

Doug shot cellphone video, before flying debris sent them inside.

"We took cover pretty quick inside," Earl Worley told WDBJ7, "because we thought it was getting pretty serious.

The tornado tossed a bus, sent a grain bin flying over their heads, and destroyed a rental house they own across the street.

"Our mouth fell open and we just couldn't believe it really," Worley said.

Despite all the damage, the Worleys were feeling fortunate on Friday afternoon.

Even though their rental home was torn apart, no one was living there.

And their scrapyard was closed. So the six employees who normally work there, were not in harm's way when the tornado touched down.

"If somebody had been in this house, or even in the lot over there working," Worley said, "it could have been really bad, but we're glad for that."