Total Action for Progress celebrates local heroes

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) Total Action for Progress decided to make their Black History Month celebrating unique this year by celebrating Roanoke Valley's hidden jewels.

"This year we took a different approach," said Jo Nelson, "we went back and said what can we talk about and learn about our true history in the Roanoke Valley." The organization recognized prominent black neighborhoods like Ballyhack, Kingstown, Henry Street, and Water Street.

Water street is a place where Betty Fennell's family was raised. "It was a great time living on water street," said Fennell. "It was our playground, It is strange to think I'm one of the older ones now."

After looking a family photos from each neighborhood person, people realize the importance of preserving history. TAP says they will archive the history presented and hope to do a similar proect with other neighborhoods in the future.