Track athletes from William Byrd, Roanoke Catholic receive Cosmopolitan Track Meet scholarship

Published: May. 11, 2016 at 6:12 PM EDT
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On Wednesday, two local athletes received scholarships from the Cosmopolitan Track Meet.

William Byrd's Jonathan Dayton and Roanoke Catholic's Olivia Clark are this year's winners.

The runners were each awarded 3-thousand dollar scholarships in a ceremony here today here at WDBJ7.

Clark and Dayton both plan to pursue careers in nursing.

Clark will attend Xavier University while Dayton is headed to West Virginia.

They say the money will go a long way to help with college costs.

Jonathan Dayton/William Byrd Senior: “The fact that I was able to get the $3,000 from the school is definitely going a long way and giving me a starting track to where I want to go”

Olivia Clark/Roanoke Catholic: “I have three other siblings. My parents have to pay for all four of us, and I have to help out as best as I can, so it's definitely going to help me.”

Community service was part of the criteria for the scholarship.

Clark volunteered at Carilion while Dayton helped build a home for a homeless family in Lynchburg.

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