Transgender woman advocating for name change has final day in court

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BOTETOURT CO., Va. (WDBJ7) We're following up with a transgender woman who wants to her named changed to match her identity.

Kendra Brill wants her legal name changed from William.

A judge in Shenandoah County first denied the request partly because of her probation in Botetourt County.

On Tuesday, a judge there extended her probation and Brill will serve no jail time.

The Shenandoah County judge also approved the name change.

"A lot of members of the transgender community don 't have a lot of advocates on their behalf," said Vicki Wiese, who is Brill's attorney. "They have a lot of questions and frankly the legal system will always be reactive instead of proactive, so the more attorneys we can get educated, the more judges we can get educated, the easier we can move those cases through the court process."

Brill is now waiting for the change to be processed.