Transportation commissioner details upcoming road projects at Bedford meeting

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BEDFORD, Va. Funding from Richmond is flowing into our region for several major transportation projects.

That's the word from Virginia's secretary of transportation. Aubrey Layne spoke to an audience at the Bedford Welcome Center Thursday afternoon.

Layne talked about advantages of new legislation that allows state leaders to prioritize transportation projects in a different way.

Improvements like the upcoming Odd Fellows Road interchange in Lynchburg can be pushed up on the list of needed projects, based on their ability to drive economic development.

"In addition to the normal projects that are being funded under the new prioritization program, I think in this particular area the Lynchburg district had the highest amount of new projects that are being funded," Layne told WDBJ7.

Layne said funding to straighten out the "S-Curves" on Route 460 in Montvale is also being considered as part of V-DOT's six-year improvement plan, which will be approved in June.