Tree sitters expand pipeline protest, prompting response

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GILES CO. (WDBJ7) Tree sitters blocking the path of the Mountain Valley Pipeline extended their protest into Giles County Wednesday. And they prompted a response from state and federal law enforcement officers.

Pipeline opponents anchored a 50-foot pole near a U.S. Forest Service gate on Pocahontas Road and stationed a tree sitter on top.

The pole blocked a forest service road that law enforcement officers used to reach other tree sitters on Peters Mountain last week.

"I really hope that people see this and people see the resistance that other people are working on and get inspired to imagine what they can do," said an unidentified tree sitter who spoke with WDBJ7 Wednesday afternoon.

Later in the day, state and federal law enforcement officers responded to the area, and ordered protestors to leave.

Pipeline opponents said one person was arrested.