Tri Area Community Health Clinic in Ferrum getting ready for bigger and better

FERRUM, Va. (WDBJ7) After more than 30 years and three clinic locations – Tri Area Community Health is expanding its Ferrum location.

From small beginnings to making big plans. The Franklin County Community will soon have more options for affordable health care here in Ferrum.

“We’re talking about 5,000 square footage here, and we’re hoping to have about 16,300 square footage on our new site which is on Ferrum Mountain Rd. just around the corner,” said Larry Meadors, Board Member of Tri Area Clinic.

Literally, just around the corner from the Chapel where the current clinic is.

They’re also planning on adding parking, going from about 30 spaces to a much needed 75.

“Space has been quite a problem,” Meadors said.

To help with all of this development, they received a one-million dollar federal grant. They also are getting help from the County with a block grant of $700,000.

“Patients have come in and said ‘I wish you had a drive through pharmacy, I wish you had bigger rooms,’” said Martha Puckett, Office Manager at Tri Area Community Health in Ferrum.

And those wishes will soon be coming true.

“Behavioral health will increase, our rooms are projected to be (bigger) …like 15 patient rooms. Two huge procedure rooms which will make it easier maybe for our patients who can’t come by car maybe they have to come by ambulance here,” Puckett said. “So we’ll have a covered drop off for that, which we don’t have now.”

“I think this will help people as far as the sliding scale, a lot of people here in this area maybe need a lot of help in that area, and I think that will help, this clinic will help,” Meadors said.

The goal for total budget is four million dollars, and to continue serving people here in the community with affordable health care.

The only real difference is?

“Bigger and better – and more services.”