Trial begins for Amherst County man accused of trying to kill two deputies

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7)-- Both deputies and the man accused of trying to kill them two years ago testified in Amherst County Circuit Court Thursday.

Trevor Ewers, 24, is on trial for six felony charges including two counts of attempted capital murder of a law enforcement officer. The charges stem from, what started out as, a routine traffic stop in Sept. of 2017.

According to testimony, Deputy Erin Karajankovich pulled a car over at the post office in the Monroe area of the county on a Sept. Friday night. Lt. Jason Meador, her supervisor, was on scene for back-up.

Ewers was riding as a passenger in the back seat of the vehicle. In body camera video played in court Thursday, jurors heard Ewers tell Meador he was intoxicated.

Ewers later took the stand, reinforcing the fact that he was intoxicated, consuming both alcohol and illicit drugs. A friend of Ewers also testified that he chose to drive because Ewers was drunk.

Karajankovich and Meador testified that as a part of the routine traffic stop they asked Ewers to get out of the car for a pat-down to make sure he had no weapons. Both officers said when Ewers was outside of the car he pointed a gun toward them.

Karajankovich can be heard screaming in the body camera video when she sees the weapon.

Meador said that he put his hand on Ewers to prevent him from pointing the gun at anyone. A short struggle ensued and then jurors heard several gunshots ring out in the video. Ewers fired three shots, one hit Meador in the head leaving him with a minor injury, but permanent damage.

Karajankovich said she fired her weapon when she saw blood coming from Meador's head. She struck Ewers in his shoulder. He was treated at the hospital for injuries as well.

Amherst County Commonwealth's Attorney, Lyle Carver, called the seconds when the shots were fired, "life-threatening chaos."

Ewers' defense team, however, argued that he was not someone who was trying to kill a law enforcement officer that night. Matthew Pack, Ewers' attorney, said that Ewers was too intoxicated to form intent and called the charges, "inflated."

The jury is set to begin deliberations Friday morning.