11-year-old turns down trip to read Pledge of Allegiance essay at Lexington ceremony

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LEXINGTON, Va. (WDBJ7) -- Every year, Lexington closes off Main Street for a Veterans Day ceremony at a memorial near the old courthouse.

There are always speeches and tributes, but this year one reading was made by someone who made a little extra effort to be there.

11-year-old Kalu Abah, was chosen to read an essay on the Pledge of Allegiance.

"So it took me a while to kind of what to say. I kind of had to think about it for a while, but I eventually what I wanted to say and just wrote it down," stated Kalu.

But what to say became less of a problem than whether to say it, because the ceremony landed on the same day Kalu's family was taking a trip to New York City.

Solomon Abah, Kalu's Father said, "And for him, that's more important than the trip to New York, so we decided to stay so that he would then be able to do this."

"To be able to speak in front people like this, and especially in front of veterans, is such an honor and I wanted to do it," stated Kalu.

So the rest of the family took off, and Kalu and his Dad stayed for the ceremony.

"That's just who he is. Kalu is the kind of kid that would rather go to the library than go play soccer," stated his father.

Kalu concluded by saying, "It's important to honor people who served our country, especially if - because of all the sacrifices they've made, it's important to honor them so …"

So, what more do you need to say on Veterans Day than that?