Twin Creeks preparing to open new location in historic tavern

ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ7) - Twin Creeks Brewing Company is giving life to a historic building as owners work to open the brewery's second location in Roanoke County.

Two-hundred years after it was first build, the Brugh Tavern will soon be ready to serve visitors once again.

“We are really excited to get this old place up and running again,” Twin Creeks Brewing Company Owner Andy Bishop said.

The tavern is located at Explore Park in Roanoke County and it’s being transformed into the Twin Creeks Brew Pub.

The pub will serve beer, wine and food, with some small-batch beers brewed right on site.

With a ropes course and trails, Bishop said there’s already a draw to bring people to the area.

“When we heard about what was happening here we realized those are our customers, those are the folks that come to the brewery anyway so why not try to put a small brew pub at Explore Park,” he said.

Inside the building, the brewery plans to use all three floors.

The basement will have a Virginia wine and cider bar. The ground floor will be the main area to grab a pint and order a bite. The third floor will offer another hangout area, but will also be used for private events.

Outside, crews have already installed gas lines for six fire pits. Bishop said he envisions people playing corn hole and listening to live music out in the front yard.

“I mean it is a lot of work we have done and there’s a lot left to do, but we have a good team, all three of us owners, we’re dedicated, we’re excited and we’re pushing forward,” Bishop said.

Twin Creeks expects to open the Explore Park location by the end of fall.