UPDATE: Charges dropped against one of two Roanoke sheriff's office employees


A Botetourt County judge dismissed all charges filed against a Roanoke city sheriff's deputy in relation to a 2017 disturbance call at his family home.

Charges of domestic assault and strangulation filed against David L. Stultz were dropped following a hearing in Botetourt County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court November 21.

Stultz was accused of assaulting his 18-year-old daughter. During the November hearing, Stultz's daughter described the encounter as an "unintentional" injury that occurred when Stultz tried to break up a fight.


Two employees of the Roanoke City Sheriff's Office were arrested last month in two separate incidents.

According to the Roanoke City Police Department, Deputy Brent Matthew Townley was arrested and charged with object sexual penetration September 29.

Police spokesman Scott Leamon said an adult woman reported an incident to an officer around 1:15 a.m. September 28. Leamon said investigators believe the incident happened in a car in the 4800 block of Valley View Boulevard about an hour before the woman made her report.

Leamon wrote in an email that Townley, 26, of Vinton, was charged with one count of object sexual penetration by force. Townley and his accuser apparently knew each other before the incident, according to Leamon. Townley was taken to jail.

A search warrant shows officers are reviewing data on phones belonging to Townley and the person accusing him of assault. The warrant also states that Roanoke police “observed video and conducted interviews with independent witnesses that place the victim with the offenders at the specified location and within the time frame of the offense.”

The Roanoke City Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that Townley is no longer employed with the agency. Public records reveal Townley took his oath with the agency in April of 2017.

In a separate and unrelated incident, another employee was arrested in September and charged with counts of strangulation and domestic assault.

A spokesperson for the Botetourt Sheriff’s Office said a man named David Stultz was arrested last month after a Botetourt County deputy was called to a local hospital. Major D.A. Dudding said a woman told the deputy she was assaulted. The deputy arrested Stultz at his home, according to Dudding.

A Roanoke City Sheriff's Office spokesperson indicated Stultz was an employee of the agency, but did not elaborate on the nature of Stultz's employment.

"It is departmental policy not to comment on specific personnel matters," said Kristen Borak, community relations specialist for the Roanoke City Sheriff's Office.