Two arrested for stealing woman's car and purse from area of church

Pictured courtesy of Franklin County PD: Courtney Rucker (L), Kevin Salisbury (R)
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FRANKLIN COUNTY, VA (WDBJ7)-- A man and woman have been arrested after being accused of entering a church, stealing a woman's purse, and leaving in her car they also stole.

According to Franklin County officials, a woman was attending a funeral at a church on Lakemount Drive August 3 when two people entered and stole her purse.

The two suspects, identified as Kevin Salisbury, 33, of Vinton, and Courtney Rucker, 28, of Fincastle, then left in the female victim's car that they also were able to steal.

August 6, both were arrested after being seen driving the vehicle in Montgomery, MD.

The Franklin County Sheriff's Office says they received a confession in the larceny of the vehicle.

Both were charged with felony Grand Larceny of a motor vehicle, and have additional charges out of Montgomery, MD, Vinton and Bedford.