Two arrested in Radford sexual assault investigation

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RADFORD, Va. (WDBJ7) Two arrests have been made in a sexual assault investigation in Radford.

The alleged incident happened early Sunday morning in the 400 block of Jefferson Street.

The two suspects, Justin Fahringer of Radford and Matthew Moles of Hiwassee, both 29 years old, are being held in the New River Valley Regional Jail without bond. They are scheduled to be arraigned at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday.

Police say that they do not believe this incident is connected to a report of a sexual assault Friday night in the 1100 block of Fairfax Street of Radford. The incident, which involves a female juvenile, is still under investigation.

Investigators say both incidents were reported to police by citizens that either observed suspicious behavior or saw another citizen in need.

“Without the efforts of the people reaching out in these incidents crime victims might have suffered more or been more seriously injured. Investigations and locating suspects might not be successful without the key involvement of citizens. Taking care of our communities and citizens takes all of our efforts so: 'if you see something, say something,”' the Radford Police Department wrote in a news release.

Fahringer and Moles are charged with felony counts of conspiring to commit abduction, conspiring to commit rape, abduction, rape, forcible sodomy, and aggravated sexual battery.