Two arrested in incident at factory, high school in Marion

Published: Oct. 7, 2018 at 4:50 PM EDT
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Police say two people were arrested following an incident at General Dynamics and Marion High School in Marion.

Early on Sunday, October 7, Marion police responded to General Dynamics on Brunswick Lane in reference to a possibly intoxicated male trespassing on the property. The subject, later identified as Joshua Edward Banks, had last been seen near the railroad tracks adjoining the plant property.

When an officer arrived, a vehicle was observed sitting at the gate of General Dynamics. Banks was then seen backing the vehicle up and ram the gate at the factory with the vehicle. A traffic stop was conducted soon after.

Police say Banks was soon after arrested without incident. Further investigation determined that he was operating was the high school’s drivers education car because he had wrecked his person vehicle on the embankment behind the football field at Marion High School.

Police say Banks did not know how to exit the high school parking lot and had mistaken the gate of General Dynamics as the exit of the lot.

Banks was charged with DUI, a felony and misdemeanor count of Destruction of Property, Reckless Driving, Vehicle Theft and Trespassing on School Property after dark.

At the same time of this event, another officer had found another vehicle sitting in a ditch near the high school. He then located the driver of this vehicle, identified as Nicole Paige Mobley, and arrested her for DUI.