Two local students selected to be in the United States Army All-American Band

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WDBJ7 Two young men from our region will be playing in the U-S Army All-American Band at the All-American Bowl Football game in Texas in January.

Sullivan Higgins from Bassett High School and Adam Peltier from Jefferson Forest High School will represent our area.

Sullivan Higgins is the sixteenth student from Bassett High School to get this honor. He says that says a lot about the Bassett program.

"There's this legacy of excellence, this culture, and like you said, sixteen, that's a lot for 11 years for this All-American band to be a thing and we have sixteen. That's pretty outstanding," says Higgins.

Higgins has been practicing music since the eighth grade. It's a passion of his and one he's excited to share with 124 of America's best in high school bands.

"There are eight baritones in this band, so I'm really excited to meet the other seven. I've kind of talked to a few of them on Facebook already," he says.

Adam Peltier, who plays the sousaphone at Jefferson Forest High School in Bedford County, was also chosen for the Army All American Band.

Peltier says he has worked very hard to get to this point.

"Ever since I've been in marching band it's just something I've realized is just a great honor, so if I just work towards it I knew I could get it, and I finally did," he says.

Bassett's band director, Trey Harris, will also be going on the trip as a member of the staff. He says all the kids that get chosen deserve it.

"All the kids that are there are like little clones. You can tell they're great kids, they're not in trouble, they're very smart. But they're very down to earth," says Bassett High School band director, Trey Harris.

The two gentlemen will perform in San Antonio, Texas on January 6.