Grown Here at Home: Home is where the greenhouse is for two sisters and their mom in Hardy

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HARDY, Va. (WDBJ7) Evelyn Elwell and Janet Walter are taking care of business, their family business started by their mom.

“It was 1985 when I decided I should help my husband put my three daughters through university,” said Rosalin Walter, former owner of Walter’s Greenhouse.

Janet has a horticulture degree.

Evelyn says, “My degree is in interior design, and I did do that for two-and-a-half years, but I really missed the greenhouse so I came back.”

And you know they had the best training.

“I lived on a farm in Canada and we did different vegetables and tobacco and we did have a greenhouse. Several greenhouses actually so I learned about the plants that were popular at that time in a very small scale,” explained Rosalin.

Rosalin retired several years ago, but she still comes into work every day.

“Mom has always been a doer. She can't necessarily get it out of her system. It's right outside here door. So she will come down here, literally just to be with her girls,” said Janet.

Tenacity must run in the family. It keeps these sisters working seven days a week. Even men who come to the greenhouse are impressed.

“They're question is, ‘Well who fixes that, or who does that?’ And Janet and I do. We take care of it. We're very capable women,” Evelyn said.

Just two sisters, their mom, and greenhouses full of plants.

“It's just something we thoroughly love,” Rosalin said.


This story is part of a special Grown Here at Home series dedicated to Women in Agriculture.