Uptown Pinball expands in Martinsville

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MARTINSVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) Uptown Pinball in Martinsville has been open for eight months, and they're already expanding.

The arcade now spans through two different spaces.

The owner even had to move his vacuum business next door so he could be in both places at once.

There are now over 85 different games ranging from pinball to ski ball and even computer games.

The owner says it's been a hit because people pay once and they can come and go all day long.

"The folks really like it. They stay a while. The city loves it, all the other businesses. We're bringing more people here, and like I say, they're staying a while," says Uptown Pinball owner, Mike Haley.

Haley tells us there are even more plans of expansion in the works, but those are a secret for now.