Use of Cyanide poisonings kits on the rise

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) -- It's an already a traumatic experience for an individual or family: a house fire.

Cyanide treatment kit (WDBJ7)

But now and more often, it's more than just burns that can leave a scar.

It's odorless, colorless and deadly. "It's a reading for Hydrogen Cyanide gas," explained LFD Captian, Danny Williams showing a
Cyanide monitor device.

The Lynchburg Fire Department is prepared to fight the rising problem.

Cyanide poisonings have spiked in recent years due to a growing number of synthetic materials in homes. "Anything that contains a Cyanide compound in building construction, plastics, synthetic, silks," said Williams.

And that compound is found in common house hold items: "Kitchen fires with the pots and pans, the plastics, anything that's potentially left on the stove that can produce this gas as well," added Williams.

Just in the past month, the fire department has administered two Cyanide treatment kits that they say changed the outcome for the patients exposed to the poisonous gas. "It does not allow your body to use oxygen the way it's supposed to and it could affect the systems like your cardiovascular system your respiratory system and your central nervous system," said Williams.

So, the department makes sure to keep CyanoKits on hand and ready for an emergency. "It's really instrumental in reversing the effects and minimize the effect of being exposed to all of that toxic and nasty smoke," said Deputy Fire Chief Greg Wormser.

The Lynchburg Fire Department has been using the kits in recent years and now other surrounding counties are following suit.

Bedford County is working on getting some kits in now and Amherst County has thier kits coming in just a few weeks.