Using driveways as a canvas, Salem neighbors send message of hope

Published: Mar. 24, 2020 at 8:24 PM EDT
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Chalk it up to community pride, or the confidence that we'll get through this together, but in the Karen Hills neighborhood of Salem, families are bridging the social distance with a message of hope.

"What is the message you've written here?" we asked Sophie Shearer. "

can't stop us. It won't last forever," she answered.

It started with a post on a private Facebook group as an activity for children stuck at home. And it quickly spread through the neighborhood.

"And I thought, I'm kind of a kid at heart, because I'm a retired elementary teacher," said Darlene Marshall, "so I thought I would just do one to just be fun, and it brought a lot of conversation, people stopped and talked."

Marshall drew 'Hello Sunshine' on her driveway.

Down the street, another work of chalk art featured a Bible verse and a drawing of the earth.

Around the corner, Darth Vader got into the act, with the caption, "I find your lack of toilet paper disturbing."

Kelly Shearer said the messages have had a positive impact during a difficult time.

"It really has brought neighbors together, which I think is great," Shearer said. "Not that this virus is great, but that is great."

We visited the neighborhood before rain could wash away some of the drawings, but Darlene Marshall said that's okay.

"Come back next week and I'll have another one!"

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