VDOT crews work to repair landslide damages in Giles County

Published: Jun. 16, 2020 at 5:54 PM EDT
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Drivers who use Route 460 in Giles County are seeing more cones and construction crews.

Heavy rainfall caused another landslide, just a few miles from the ongoing repairs near Narrows.

"You know if it stopped raining, I am sure it would make their job and our job a lot easier," Giles County resident Mikail Mann said.

First, a slide around Memorial Day that shut down all the westbound lanes.

Then Monday, debris and damage closed the right lane and shoulder along the highway.

Neighbors say issues like these are not uncommon, but never usually this bad.

"Well, I've seen it happen before but maybe this is probably the worst,” Giles County resident Paul Perkins said.

Crews were working at both sites Tuesday.

"Our folks in the Giles County area have been very busy," VDOT spokesperson Jason Bond said.

The Virginia Department of Transportation is still evaluating the cost of the newest landslide, but said the one near Narrows is going to set them back about a million dollars.

Despite a hefty price tag, Bond said it shouldn't hurt the $200 million maintenance budget.

"We do include money in our maintenance budget each year because we do expect to have drainage and flood repairs that we have to make. Now this year given that we didn't have much of a winter, there are sufficient maintenance funds to cover the flood repairs," Bond said.

The damage near Narrows is affecting more drivers with east- and westbound traffic reduced to just one lane, so that project will be a priority, he said.

"The roadway has to be reconstructed, and then the road surface has to be repaved, and guardrails reinstalled and stripes put in," Bond said.

The repairs are weather-dependent, so VDOT does not have an exact timeline for when the work will be completed.

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