VDOT plans to widen part of major intersection in Pittsylvania County

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PITTSYLVANIA COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ7) Changes could be coming to a major intersection in Pittsylvania County.

VDOT has proposed adding new, wider turning lanes to the intersection of U.S. 58 and Berry Hill Road, also known as Route 311.

VDOT hopes that by improving this intersection it will draw in possible investors, industries and businesses into the Berry Hill Mega Park, but not everyone is on board.

Until a few years ago, Berry Hill Road was a quiet country road. It's now a U-S highway, Route 311, and VDOT wants to improve part of the road to accomodate more traffic.

Engineers want to add a turning lane off 58 onto Berry Hill Road, and from Berry Hill Road onto 58.

Ray Ferguson owns H & R Motors, located on one of the corners that would be impacted. He says he'd lose his entrance.

"They did say they'd put me a driveway in the back of the property, but that won't work for me. You can't come in the back, and drive up through my yard to buy cars. I won't have any access from 311 or 58 to get to the property," says Ferguson.

Ferguson says VDOT isn't budging.

"They wasn't gonna compensate me. They wasn't gonna do anything," he says.

He's owned H & R Motors in this spot for 41 years. He's disappointed this is happening.

"Probably have to build another building. It's sad. We hate to move, and we hate the expense of moving. It's going to be awful expensive. For somebody," he says.

Officials with VDOT say Ferguson's current entrance wouldn't be safe.

"Their entrances, the current entrances would be too close to the intersection, and because of the increased traffic volume, the expanded lanes, and then the associated conflict points, the likelihood of crashes increases with the entrances where they currently are," says VDOT Communications Manager for the Lynchburg District, Paula Jones.

The VDOT spokesperson says they are trying to work with Ferguson, and one other concerned homeowner about possible solutions.

Ferguson says he will probably have to move his business, which he doesn't want to do.