VDOT prepares roads for snowstorm

SALEM, Va. (WDBJ) - VDOT crews have spent today working to get a jump start on our expected snow.

Jim Helvey has been driving Brine trucks since 2006.

"We started at that time buying Brine, having it batched up here locally, and we started out with 5,000 gallons now we got 376,000 gallons capacity in the district," Helvey, Salem District Roadside Manager, said.

Brine sprays from the back of Helvey's truck. It's made of rock salt dissolved in water.

"It actually keeps the snow from bonding to the pavement for a period of about an hour, which gives the guys time to get out there with their salt trucks and start spreading salt and pushing it," Helvey said.

Salt is something else VDOT is prepping their trucks with.

Trucks will spread salt on the roads after the snow hits.

Jason Bond, VDOT Spokesperson, said, "When it actually starts snowing we continue to put out additional chemicals, some abrasives, some crushed stone to help drivers get some traction."

VDOT has been pre-treating the interstates and major routes since Thursday.

"It's very important that people take this storm seriously and not become complacent, I mean, we've certainly had a bigger storm and we were able to plow and treat those roadways but the icing is a bigger concern with this event, the cold temperatures before and after the event are bigger concerns.

VDOT has been readying their crews to work 12 hour shifts--plowing and treating the roads. They are also prepping their tree removal crews, since there is a risk of ice with this storm. For the latest road conditions, check the VDOT website.