VDOT ready for weather with new salt barn in Rockbridge

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ROCKBRIDGE COUNTY (WDBJ7) 5,000 tons of salt makes a really big pile.

“It is a tremendous amount of salt," says VDOT's Ken Slack as he stands dwarfed by the small, white mountain. "It’s kind of tough to get the scale in here, but it’s almost like being in an airplane hanger full of salt.”

It rests in VDOT’s new storage facility just outside of Lexington, providing a reserve of material close at hand.

“The residency serves four counties: Rockbridge, Alleghany, Bath and Highland," Slack explains. "And we’ll now for those four counties have up to 13,000 tons of salt at our disposal.”

Salt to handle the roads in weather like we’re facing this weekend … or worse.

“It certainly doesn’t take several inches of snow to make a road slippery,” Slack says.

Meaning that, even with a light snow, you should be careful.

"Folks, especially who have become accustomed to many months of warm weather and have gotten a little bit rusty on their winter driving habits," he says, "Sometimes get a little bit complacent."

And the VDOT workers will be on special shifts, spreading the salt to keep the roads safe.