VDOT to monitor road conditions overnight

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SALEM, Va. (WDBJ7)— VODT crews are continuing to monitor road conditions as the threat for them freezing over continues into the night.

“They’ll be plowing and treating,” said VDOT spokesman Jason Bond. “If we do see accumulating snow on those roads they’ll be plowing, they’ll be putting down a mixture of salt and other abrasives like crushed stone or sand to get drivers some traction if we do see more of an icing-type event.”

At the traffic operation center in Salem, they cover about a third of the state. Around the clock, crews are monitoring about 200 traffic cameras across our viewing area and communicating with drivers where crashes and hazardous road conditions might be.

Refreezing is their biggest concern overnight. Temperatures will be key, especially in the border and mountainous counties.

“All of this moisture that’s been coming down today, not all of it has been sticking to the roadways, but overnight, if it continues to snow into the overnight hours and the temperatures continue to fall there is the potential that it could overtake the pavement temperatures and we could start to see some slushy, icy conditions overnight,” Bond said.

Whether they are monitoring the roads inside the operation center or packing the trucks with salt, they’re prepared for whatever might come our way.

“Anything that looks wet could possibly be ice,” Bond said. “You need to use extra caution if you need to be out and about particularly on those trouble spots.”

For the latest updates on road conditions and incidents you can visit the 511 website or use the app on your smartphone.

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