VEGGan Guacamole on Weekend Diner

VEGGan Guacamole

A VEGGan is a Vegan who includes eggs in their diet. This recipe is fabulous, and perfect for VEGGans, but everyone who likes Guacamole is going to really love this. The addition of chopped eggs makes it a bit more substantial with the added protein and nutrients, and the chopped pineapple give it an unexpected sweetness. As a matter of fact, this dip has layers of flavor - sweet, tangy, creamy, spicy, yummy. Serve it with gluten free rice crackers, baked chips, or crudité for an especially healthful nosh.

-3 avocados, pitted, skinned, mashed
-3 hard-boiled eggs, chopped
-1 8oz. can pineapple chunks, in juice, drained, chopped
-1 T. Sriracha sauce (or other hot sauce)
-1 T. chopped red onion (or more, to taste)
-½ salt

-Combine ingredients, blending well with a spoon. Adjust flavors to suit your own taste.
-Let chill.
-Serve with crackers, crudité, chips, etc.

Makes about 2 cups worth of dip.