VT Autism Clinic taking profession on the road to help rural Virginia

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BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) Virginia Tech autism research professionals are taking their knowledge on the road to better serve people in rural Virginia.

An RV was converted into a mobile clinic to give support and clinical care to families with children who are on the autism spectrum.

Faculty and graduate students from the university's center for autism research plan to take the RV to an area covered by the Mount Rogers Community Services Board is Southwestern Virginia.

"That area is particularly effected by a lack of service providers who are trained specifically in autism. So the wait lists tend to be very high if the families can access the care at all," said Angela Scarpa, the co-director of the VT Autism Clinic.

Their visits start this spring and will continue through November offering therapy sessions to families and children with autism.

Grants are covering the costs of the RV and the new program.