VT President Sands gives State of the University address

Published: Sep. 29, 2017 at 6:47 PM EDT
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President Sands discussed having more students to the school, more staff, and much more buildings at all locations within the next eight years.

Tim Sands, Virginia Tech President

"It takes resources, and it can't be wishful thinking. You have to really be confident that those resources acquired. It takes partnerships which is, I think, a really big theme of Virginia Tech going forward," University President Tim Sands said.

But it was when talking about diversity that some in the crowd turned on him.

"I think they're speaking their mind, I understand the conflict of the principles that they're raising, which I feel the same way. There's certainly free speech, we all value that and we also want to maintain an inclusive campus," Sands said.

President Sands acknowledged the issues are over one person's comments, who's associated with the school, but wouldn't name the person.

"His opinions are in stark contrast our principles of community, and we're working through that process," Sands said.