VTTI develops online driver’s safety course amid pandemic

Published: Jun. 15, 2020 at 6:14 PM EDT
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A new virtual program is helping teens learn how to drive more safely on the highway.

The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute has developed a four-part series of its decade-old driver’s education program that specifically targets interactions with large trucks.

“Our hope is to share this information so the students can feel confident when they’re driving so they know the skills to use so they can be safe and really avoid those blind spots around trucks,” said senior research associate Matt Camden. “That’s one of the biggest factors associated with these crashes.”

Typically, VTTI would take a tractor trailer out to schools and strategically place cars in blind spots so students can see for themselves the limited visibility truck drivers have on the road.

“We’re hoping these videos can at least bridge that gap so these students can still learn these strategies to safely and confidently drive around these trucks, buses and other large vehicles out there,” said senior field research technician Scott Tidwell.

Developers said it was vital they still get this information out to students during the pandemic.

The virtual program has been developed to supplement instruction until they can go back to in-person training.

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