Valentine's Day gone to the dogs at Virginia Tech

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BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) Valentine's Day has gone to the dogs at Virginia Tech. Puppy love was in the air on the Drillfield Wednesday afternoon.

The Corps of Cadets ambassador Growley, with the help of his handler, asked Bracey the dog to the Military Ball.

The two met playing fetch on the Drillfield months ago and have scheduled play dates ever since.

Growley gave his date some new toys and treats to top off the invitation. Bracey's wagging tail was a sure sign she told him yes.

Their humans have become friends since the dogs hit it off.

"Everyone around campus loves their little relationship and following them along and we're super excited to get to go to the ball. Like, I'm not sure how many dogs get to go to it so we're super excited," said Mallory Walsh, a sophomore at Virginia Tech.

"I think they will be the first dog couple to go. So it's a pretty big moment," said Eleanor Franc, a cadet and Growley's handler.

The two dogs played fetch after the exchange of puppy kisses and sweets.

The Military Ball is this Saturday.