Valley Metro rolls out new bus routes in Vinton

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VINTON, Va. (WDBJ7) If you catch the bus in Vinton, take note.

New Valley Metro routes took effect there on Thursday.

The town and the bus company have been working on the changes for the last two years.

Some stops have been added and others have been relocated to improve service.

The buses travel the same route as they enter and leave Vinton, which should make it easier for residents to travel within the town limits.

Nathan McClung is Vinton's Principal Planner.

"It was a problem," McClung said of the old routes, "because it would add a lot of time to a person's commute. For someone trying to do a task such as daily grocery shopping it would take much longer."

Another significant change: the buses no longer enter the parking lots of privately owned shopping centers, such as Lake Drive Plaza.

For more information on the Valley Metro routes and schedule, click on the link associated with this story.