Venezuela earthquake registered on Virginia Tech seismograph

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A magnitude 7.3 earthquake struck Tuesday off the northeastern coast of Venezuela.

The U.S. Geological Survey said it had a depth of 76 miles kilometres). Its epicenter was 12 miles (20 kilometres) northwest of Yaguaraparo, Venezuela. Based on previous quakes, this may have been one of the stronger earthquake to hit the country.

The rumbling and shaking could be felt around the Carribean Islands Tuesday afternoon. Even seismographs up and down the eastern seaboard managed to detect the subtle shaking, including the helicorder plot at Virginia Tech's Department of Seismology.

The graphic above shows the spike on the seismograph during the time of the quake in Venezuela. As we've told you after previous quakes around the world, it's not that unusual for the sensitive equipment to detect subtle movements below the earth's surface hundreds of miles away. In fact, during the Virginia Tech football games, the jumping during Enter Sandman can send the seismograph into action.