Christiansburg vet encourages donations for dog shot in face

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CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) - A dog who was shot several times in Giles County Thursday is recovering and expected to be okay.

However, the price tag for his recovery could add up to nearly $10 thousand.

The dog named Bo was rushed to the Town and Country Veterinarian Emergency Clinic Thursday with gunshot wounds.

According to the County Sheriff W. Morgan Millirons, Brian Keith Albert is accused of shooting Bo several times and also shooting Bo's owner in the leg.

Albert was arrested after a standoff on Church Hill Road in Giles County last week. Bo's owner is expected to be ok.

"Bo was actually shot twice in the face and once in the leg," said Kelly Burdette, a veterinarian at Town and Country veterinarian clinic.

She says Bo has a broken jaw and broken leg.

"He's extremely lucky, he has four holes in his head, it missed all of his major arteries, missed all of his major arteries and veins, missed his brain."

Most of the bullets passed right through his body. The vet only had to remove one bullet from his face.

Bo's owners don't immediately have the thousands of dollars necessary to pay for his care.

"Right now there is a financial need for the care of this dog, he is likely going to need some more additional surgery that the family does have some financial restraints."

To help out, the clinic is partnering with the Veterinary Care Foundation, to accept tax-deductible donations to help pay for Bo's care.

"Bo seems like a really good dog and I hope he has a really good recovery."

Bo will have one more surgery on his leg and then will be released back to his family in about a week.

If you are interested in donating, click here.