Vicki Gardner recognized with Resilience Award after SML shooting

Vicki Gardner.during her recovery after a shooting at Bridgewater Plaza left her badly hurt.
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SMITH MOUNTAIN LAKE, Va. (WDBJ7) Vicki Gardner is being recognized with a Resilience Award for facing significant challenges after a shooting badly hurt her and killed WDBJ7 journalists Alison Parker and Adam Ward.

Gardner is the executive director of the Smith Mountain Lake Regional Chamber.

The Virginia Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives created this brand-new award to honor chamber executives who have managed to lead their chambers admirably while encountering difficulties.

Gardner was shot in the back on August 26 while giving a live interview about an upcoming SML milestone. She spent weeks in the hospital.

She is in the process of implementing Vicki's Vision, which will include a community center for the SML area.