Salem business features classic car in Christmas display

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SALEM, Va. (WDBJ7) During the holiday shopping season, businesses get creative with their Christmas displays. In Salem, a mainstay on Main Street found inspiration with a classic car.

A 1927 Studebaker Erskine is now parked near the front door of Charlotte's Web Antique Mall.

Dave Franklin is the co-owner.

"I went out and bought a tree to put on top, did a little snow on it," Franklin told WDBJ7. "My girlfriend Nancy put the mannequins inside to dress it up, so she added her flair to it, and so here it sits so it's been a big hit."

Before Franklin acquired the car, it had been in the same family since it was purchased new 90 years ago in Salem. Franklin plans to keep it on display in the antique mall after the holiday season has passed.