Viral video documents Montgomery County dog rescue

Published: Dec. 3, 2019 at 10:42 PM EST
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Shadow, a Montgomery County dog rescued in a now-viral video, is lucky to be alive after getting stuck on a cliff in Blacksburg.

WDBJ7 caught up with two of the animal control officers involved in the rescue.

“We got a call from dispatch and they said they had an animal stuck on a cliff down at the rock quarry,” said Deputy Maven Ogle. “Low and behold there was a dog about 50 feet on the side of a cliff.”

Ogle and Chief Ray Helmick of Montgomery County Animal Control are just two of the officials who came to Shadow’s rescue when he got trapped at the Virginia Tech Quarry on October 11.

“I would assume he was traveling across the top of the rock quarry there, in loose rock and he slipped and fell down and luckily the ledge had caught him,” Helmick said.

Helmick said Shadow is an escape artist, and he managed to break loose from an enclosure at home.

“If he hadn’t stopped on that ledge, then he would have fallen all the way to the bottom and the outcome would have been a lot different,” Ogle said.

Animal control called Blacksburg Fire because they had the tools to assist in the rescue. Ogle was quick to capture the moment on his cell phone.

“I thought this would be really neat to see a good outcome come to a bad situation,” he said.

Animal control said the rescue took over three hours, but was completely worth the effort. Firefighter Cliff Phillips was the first person to get Shadow from his original spot, then he guided him to Helmick who carried him to safety.

“It was pretty awesome, it was amazing to be able to do that and get the dog to safety and back to his rightful owner,” Helmick said.

“It’s a good feeling of accomplishment. You feel like your job is worth something,” Ogle said. “A lot of times we have to see the bad, and this time we got to see the good. It was really refreshing.”

Shadow was a dog that was originally rescued from the Montgomery County Animal Shelter. He is unharmed and was returned home safely to his family.

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