Virginia Horse Center prepares to reopen with Bonnie Blue National Horse Show

Published: Jun. 3, 2020 at 7:46 PM EDT
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At the

in Rockbridge County, they're looking to restart events.

Normally around this time of year, the Virginia Horse Center would have seen a number of horse shows already, but in the time of COVID, all that has been canceled.

The stalls are empty, and the center is quiet but for some renovation and improvements.

“The horse show season normally starts in March, which it did this year with the first show off the bat in Tampa, Florida," said R.H. Bennett, Chairman of the Bonnie Blue National Horse Show. "But from that point on then everything else was canceled.”

The rings will soon have horses again with the Bonnie Blue National Horse Show June 17, but it will be with a number of restrictions, like wearing masks and taking everyone’s temperature.

“We’re very cautious about being safe with this because this is a new thing," Bennett said. "And this is the beginning of a new season and if we don’t do it right, we might not get to have a season.”

In the meantime, the sanitation stations have been put out.

And organizers and horse center administration look forward to scenes more like this again soon.

“We all have our fingers crossed and hope that we can have a safe horse show," Bennett said. "Good comes after safe. Safe is a priority.”

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