Virginia Tech fans pack bars to watch big game

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BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) In Blacksburg, Virginia Tech Hokie fans packed their favorite bars and restaurants to watch Saturday night's ACC championship match-up with Clemson.

Bull and Bones had the game on all the screens as fans drank up and chowed down on food. The General Manager says Tech games are always good for business.

Some fans say no matter the outcome, it has still been an exciting season.

"It's amazing, I've been waiting my entire year to be just like Tech was back in the day. You hear all the stories of when Mike Vick was here, Tyrod (Taylor) was here and going to the ACC Champs," Virginia Tech Senior Casey Hux said. "I've been waiting for that for a while. This seems like our year, I'm pretty optimistic for this game."

Whether that optimism will be enough, however, is the big question. Although fans say they'll still be excited with a bowl game appearance.

"It was amazing, the games were so much fun this year," Hux said.
"And hopefully the bowl game regardless of where they go for my last college game I can head there, it would be awesome."