Virginia Tech expert on national election impact

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BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7)— The coronavirus continues to delay primaries and political events across our country.

A Virginia Tech expert is weighing in on what this means for the political landscape moving forward.

Thursday, the Democratic National Committee announced its July election will be pushed to August 17.

Former Vice President Joe Biden remains the front-runner for the party, but has not secured a majority of the delegates because these elections have been postponed.

Caitlin Jewitt, an assistant professor of political science at Virginia Tech, said there’s a chance he may not get the party’s nomination for a few more weeks.

“June 2 is now looking like a very big day on the calendar and it will award the second highest number of delegates after Super Tuesday and it’s very unprecedented in recent years to have the second biggest delegate day be that late in the calendar,” Jewitt said.

Jewitt said states are scrambling to make voting by mail a feasible and reasonable option and it would take an act of congress to change the national presidential election this fall.

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