Virginia Tech fans excited for Bowl game appearance, begin plans to travel

Published: Dec. 4, 2017 at 10:25 PM EST
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The Virginia Tech football team is playing a Bowl game again this year.

The school said it's their 25th consecutive bowl game. That's the longest active streak in the country and third longest in history, according to the Athletic Department.

And students said Monday they're proud this year's team is continuing the tradition in playing in a bowl game, this year against Oklahoma State in the Camping World Bowl in Orlando.

Sophomore Jordann Nemec said, "Obviously I'm really proud of the Hokies, I'm glad that we pulled out a Bowl game this year. I'm looking forward to watching."

Freshman Zach Joyner added, "I'm not worried about Oklahoma State at all. I know they're a pretty good football team, but I think Tech will do pretty well against them."

Sophomore Robert McGroarty said of the streak, "Frank Beamer built this entire school into a legacy with our football team. He put Blacksburg, Virginia on the map, and it's really great to see that Justin Fuente can pick up where he left off and keep this tradition going."

Many students said they're excited to watch the game on TV on December 28. But some are hoping to be a little closer, maybe spending their holiday week with the Hokies in Florida.

Sophomore Matthew Cooper said, "Orlando's nice and warm. It just depends on the dates, I guess. I'd like to go down if I could, though, so I'll be asking around if I can get tickets and figure all that out."

And the school has tickets it can sell, as does Oklahoma State.

Associate Athletic Director Pete Moris explained, "The easiest thing for folks to do is go to

, we've got a Bowl Central page. Just go in there, you'll find the link where you can go get tickets, Martin Travel is also our official travel provider so there's a link to

, and it should be a good time."

Martin Travel said they're offering hotel stays and transportation from the hotels to the game. However, unlike some away games, there will not be any charter buses provided down, as Orlando is too far away.

The school said Monday there are still plenty of tickets available and they range from $79 to $257.

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