Virginia Tech fans out in full force to watch ACC Tournament

BLACKSBURG, Va (WDBJ7) Confidence wasn't isn't hard to find in Blackburg, that's because for the first time in a decade, Virginia Tech is shopping for dancing shoes.

"It's definetly been a great atmosphere. I actually grew up in Blacksburg so seeing them kind of like the difference in my 22 years," said Virginia Tech alum Lauren Jaeger.

Other fans like sophomore Noah Combs focused on Tech's success at home saying, "We're actually contenders in all the home games this year. Every home game is a chance to put a big team in their place."

That's fact, the Hokies are 15-2 at home this year beating national powerhouse teams like Duke and Virginia. Marquee wins like that made it tough to grab a ticket.

"Sold out tickets. Haven't been able to get some no that I'm not a student which is upsetting but I get to watch them in the bars downtown," said Jaeger

Tech went into their first game of the ACC Tournament with revenge in mind, facing a Wake Forest team that spoiled Senior Day.

"I'm glad we get a second chance at them after they took us down at home last week. I think it will be a really good game but hopefully we get the win tonight," said Combs

The Hokies answered the call, they got their revenge on Wake Forest, and are now a lock for the Big Dance, which has these Tech fans dreaming of something sweet!

"The Sweet 16! I want to say they're going to get to the Sweet 16 but we'll see!" Exclaimed Jaeger.