Virginia Tech graduates celebrate, prepare for life after college

BLACKSBURG, Va. Hats off to the graduates! It may have been a rainy day, but the future sure is bright for the Hokie graduates. WDBJ7 spoke to a few new grads about their next steps, and life after Tech.

Rain gear was necessary at Lane Stadium, and for the grads that meant traditional caps and gowns, plus ponchos. But all of the smiles shined through the cloudy morning, as the class of 2017 prepares for the next chapter: the real world.

“I am going to move to Denver with my fiance, we both have jobs in the city,” Kristen Long said.

Four other graduates told us that the jobs they have lined up are in their desired fields. And we asked, "Do you think you're ready?"

“Tech’s prepared us really well. So, we’re good to go!” James Lavinder said.

And for others, landing that first job may be tricky, like for aspiring broadcasters, but it’s all about dreaming of the future.

“I want to be on a local station just like this right out of college, I’m still applying, I have to take one more class so I’ll be here a little longer, a little more time, but eventually long-term, ESPN, sports network something like that, on camera,” Isabella Post said.

But before those jobs begin, grads wave goodbye to Tech, and hello to whatever comes next.

“Somehow we made it!" Lavinder said.

Congrats to the class of 2017!