Virginia Tech hopes to create perfect NCAA Tournament bracket

BLACKSBURG, VA. (WDBJ7) A hall of fame broadcaster Bill Roth and a room full of students crunched the numbers on how to formulate the perfect bracket. The hope? That Virginia Tech will become the go to for predicting winners in the NCAA Tournament.

According to Roth's intro to sports media class, Virginia, North Carolina, Villanova and Michigan State will make up the Final Four in San Antonio, Texas.

"There's so much data out there and two of the best in the entire country are graduates of Virgina Tech. Ken Pomeroy and Kenneth Massey are experts when it comes to sports data analytics," said Roth.

Could the next great be in this classroom? That's what Roth is hoping, that and for Tech to be nationally known to the NCAA Tournament what Quinnipiac University's polling is to the US presidential elections.

"He sent out a 351 page statistic sheet and I was ready to go," said senior Elliot Silverman. "I usually pick with my heart not my head and it was nice to kind of get in and check out the stats and not just going with your gut all the time."

Freshman Evan McNally said, "A lot of those games are really close so you have to look deep into the match ups teams have had throughout the year."

As for their picks, they have to be well researched because their grade depends on it. That and bragging rights for the best bracket.

"Definitely a couple picks that I went back and erased and looked at them again and changed my mind a couple times but I'm feeling pretty good," said McNally.

Roth added, "I think UVA fans should take to heart that a group of 75 Virginia Tech students picked the Wahoos to win the national championship in Texas in a few weeks."

The Final Four tips off in San Antonio on March 31 with the National Championship taking place on Monday, April 2.