Virginia Tech international students share culture, cuisine at Auburn High School

RINER, Va. (WDBJ) -- With a student body that's more than 90 percent white, Auburn High isn't exactly a melting pot of diversity.

"We love this school, we love the community, we love the kids but it is insulated and kind of isolated in this large world out there," said English teacher Jerry Sauter.

But students there are getting a taste of different cultures through a partnership with Virginia Tech's Language and Culture Institute.

In a cooking activity Thursday, Hokies from China and Saudi Arabia prepared traditional dishes while Auburn students whipped up some American favorites. It was the culmination of a semester where both groups shared knowledge on topics like immigration, government and, of course, food.

"They give us the kind of new traditions and part of their culture which cannot be taught in the university, especially for international students," said Faisal Alghamdi, a Virginia Tech student from Saudi Arabia.

"There's always something you can learn about somebody else and somebody from another country," said AHS student Renea Taylor. "It just helps you get to know everybody better and helps you understand that there's always more to everybody's stories."