Virginia Tech keeping a close eye on Hurricane Florence

BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ) Virginia Tech is keeping a close eye on the storm, but as of right now, that's really all they can do.

"We like everyone else are watching the forecast," Mark Owczarski, university spokesperson, said.

However, the university says it's still too early to know how Florence will affect school closures, class schedules, or Saturday's football game.

"If something needs to happen, if there's some action we need them to take, they'll know where and when to find it and do it."

The University says the best way to stay updated is through Virginia Tech's homepage. Here, students and concerned parents will know if campuses close or classes get cancelled.

"Right now that status page says we're open for business," Owczarski said. "As decisions are made, we'll post it to our status page. And the bigger the decisions that are made, we will push that to our students."

The university's top priority is keeping its students safe and university leaders encourage everyone to keep an eye out for VT alerts.

"We have a system in place to reach our community. It's a system we've had in place for more than a decade. It really works. And we'll be ready for Florence, whatever she might bring us."

Leaders are also encouraging students to be "Hokie Ready," which means being prepared for a crisis before a crisis hits. Owczarski wants students to make sure they have flashlights and working batteries, as well as bottled water.