Virginia Tech prepares for 7,600 first-year students to arrive on campus

BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) Students will begin arriving on Virginia Tech's campus Wednesday at 8 a.m. ready to move into their new dorms.

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"We're expecting about 7,600 students, which will be our largest class ever for new students," Virginia Tech spokesperson Mark Owczarski said.

At the beginning of the week, about 20% of the dorms had been filled. By the end of the day Wednesday, 80% of the dorms will be full of Hokies.

Owczarski said the university is prepared for them.

"We've been working all summer long preparing housing, hiring new teachers, adding classes and class sections, a lot of new things that we'll be rolling out this year."

However, before students can make it to their classes, they've got to make it into their dorms. Families will have thirty minutes to unload their stuff. There will be campus police around to help with parking and traffic.

"We're going to have 790 helpers, Hokie Helpers, helping unpack cars, move things to their rooms," Owczarski said. "They're going to unload your car very quickly and then you're going to be asked to move your car to the cage or another parking lot to kind of make room for the next car. This is something we do every year, something we're good at, something we're ready for."

And the helping doesn't stop when students settle into their rooms.

"This is a big step in their life. This is huge transition for our entering first year students. We're here to help our students transition into a successful college career," Owczarski said. "Best advice that we have is be patient, ask questions, and know that there is a lot of people here to help you on the day you move in and throughout the school year."

All the information you need to know about move-in day can be found on Virginia Tech's website.

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