Virginia Tech recognizes shooting victims with annual run

BLACKSBURG, Va.(WDBJ7) -- April 16th will mark 12 years since 32 students and faculty lost their lives at Virginia Tech. The university continues to recognize them this year, never allowing their memory to fade.

The university is expecting a big turn out for April 13's Run in Remembrance, rain or shine.

"It's in its 11th year, and with every year we've had it," said Mark Owczarksi, Virginia Tech University, "more and more people come out. Last year we had 14k people, we expect that many people again this year."

After the morning run, an interfaith service will be held at the War Memorial Chapel In addition to the campus events and alumni programs across the nation - the university recognizes the 32 with this display in the library.

"It will be so rewarding to know I just did this with so many other people," said Taylor Purdue, Virginia Tech Student. "That'll be something I cherish and remember. "