Virginia Tech rolls out parking changes for upcoming term

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BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ) -- Virginia Tech is growing, but so, too, might be your walk from your car to your destination.

"You know when we go to the shopping mall, we want to park right next to the store that we need to run in and run out of, and be on our way. As Virginia Tech grows, that becomes harder to accomplish," said university spokesperson Mark Owczarski.

With some existing lots on Perry Street slated to be re-purposed for teaching and research space, the remaining spaces will now require a special permit to park there, beginning August 15th.

The school is also planning to build a new transit facility in the same area.

"All of the things that you talk about--sidewalks, bike lanes, buses--all of that is part of that broader equation to get Hokies from one end of campus to the other," Owczarski said.

The parking changes on campus coincide with the upcoming launch of a new bike share program in the New River Valley. There will be multiple stations at Virginia Tech by the time students return for the fall.

It's all part of a campus-wide evolution that's compelling people to find different ways of getting around.

"How do we accomodate the lost spaces? That's what we're working on--creating new spaces, parking decks, and to see if we can alleviate the number of cars on campus through bike share, through personal bikes, through mass transit--a lot of different ways that you can approach the equation," Owczarski said.