Virginia Tech students create devices to help assist patients

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LEXINGTON, Va. (WDBJ7) A group of Virginia Tech students turned their studies into a special collaboration.

The seniors for the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering program worked with a Lexington muscular dystrophy patient to help build accessories for his wheelchair to help him cope more easily with everyday tasks.

“Spitballing ideas and just thinking about: oh let’s make this! And they were so enthusiastic about this," Devin Robinson said of his collaboration with the students. "They wanted to – they really wanted to design all sorts of stuff. I mean, if I had wanted them to put rockets on my chair, they probably would have done it.”

The projects are up for two awards that will be presented at a banquet.

This was the first year they tried this, but it was so successful they are now looking for a new subject for next year’s effort. Applications can be made through AmeriCare Plus, who guided the students to Robinson.

The website is Click under VT PARTNERSHIP to go to the link to apply to participate.