Virginia Tech students crowdfunding to return to Tanzania to help school kids

Published: Apr. 18, 2018 at 10:31 PM EDT
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Students from Virginia Tech will be picking up where others left off helping young children get an education in Tanzania.

In 2017 a small group of students and teachers, representing Service Without Borders (SWB), visited to build a school in an area that didn’t have one.

This Summer, another group will build guest housing near the school and install solar panels for a dining hall.

Caroline Bonnes, a sophomore at Virginia Tech who is going on the next trip explained, “The students are living at the school, they have enough power to power a light bulb right now, just for at night, students reading, that kind of thing. They do not have a dining hall right now, that’s currently in the works. What they have is kind of spotty, it’s unreliable, it’s not enough to sustain this dining hall that’s going to be built.”

They'll also teach English to the 48 students at the school who began attending after it was built..

"To continue your education in Tanzania, you have to pass a secondary entrance exam that is in English, and the Maasai children do not have access to education most of the time,” Bonnes said. “That was why the whole initiative was started."

Meagan David, a senior who went on the 2017 trip said of the continued work, "It makes us really happy and excited that it's a long-term, sustainable project, that we're not just going there one time and leaving and getting out.”

The students are crowdfunding for another week to afford the trip, with a goal of $75,000.

Doug Belcik, another senior who went on the 2017 trip explained, “Everything that SWB does, including sending students there, sending supplies there, everything in general, is done through donations. Everything that we do is through donations and people donating and crowdfunding is just another way to do that.”

To get to the crowdfunding site to learn more or donate,

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