Virginia Tech students to be impacted by new traffic pattern

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BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) Drivers will want to expect a new traffic pattern in Blacksburg as part of the ongoing Route 460 Southgate Connector project at Virginia Tech.

New and returning students will be affected by the new pattern at the intersection of Southgate Drive and Duck Pond Drive, where a roundabout is being built.

These changes are meant to help move traffic around that area during construction:

- A three-way stop is in place on Southgate Drive at the intersection with Duck Pond Drive east of the traffic circle that is under construction (after the curves for traffic entering campus).

- Traffic from Duck Pond Drive splits prior to Southgate Drive. Traffic turning left (eastbound) onto Southgate Drive (headed back into campus toward the Corporate Research Center or airport) will stop in the left lane before proceeding to the three-way stop at Southgate Drive.

- Duck Pond Drive traffic turning right (westbound) onto Southgate Drive (leaving campus and headed towards Route 460) will use a new ramp and will yield.

- Drivers on Southgate Drive turning left onto Duck Pond Drive will need to stop in the left turn lane before proceeding. The pavement is marked to indicate that vehicles need to stop.

- If high traffic volumes begin to impact the area during move-in times, flaggers may be in place to direct traffic.

- The speed limit on Southgate Drive has been reduced to 25 mph from 35 mph.

Drivers can enter the campus using Prices Fork Road or Research Center Drive.

In addition, barrier walls are in place in both directions of Route 460 approaching the campus and the speed limit has been reduced from 65 mph to 55 mph.